Dr. Lee J. Weinberg

Doctor of Chiropractic

Hello and thanks for taking the time to get to know me a bit! I have been practicing chiropractic and serving Orange County for over 17 years. I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and attended the University of Kentucky, graduating with a B.S. In 1993. Chiropractic has been a big part of my life ever since my first treatment in 1995. I saw a chiropractor in Northern Kentucky, to see if he could help with some ongoing headaches I had been having. After only one adjustment I was feeling great, with tremendous improvements, almost instantly. Less than a year later I started Chiropractic School.

I enjoy golf, tennis, racquetball, mountain biking and rooting for the Big Blue!! (The Wildcats of Kentucky). I am lucky to have such an incredible wife, Michelle, and our 12 year old daughter who has been getting light and easy chiropractic adjustments all her life. She loves ballet, jazz, tap, volleyball, and (believe it or not) math & attending middle school. You will see her in our office, acting as the “office manager,” getting you some water, or asking you to do some deep breathing prior to your treatment. Our Newport Beach office has been growing for over 17 years. We treat kids, adults and seniors.